(Not So) Short Bio

I was born in February 1986, in Portugal. I hold a Master's degree in Electrical and Computers Engineering from the Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FEUP), obtained in 2009.

Throughout graduation I found my growing interest in the field of computer networks, especially in the area of wireless networks. This led me to Major in Telecommunications, with a specialization in Computer Networks and Communication Services. In my final year, I enrolled in my dissertation thesis related to Ad-hoc networks, entitled: User-provided Networks: Relaying vs. Ad-hoc Routing.

In this context, I revised the existing routing protocols for ad-hoc multihop networks and benchmarked the most used and appropriate one against a simple relaying technique. This was a good opportunity to learn more about the 802.11 family and the intricacies of multihop routing protocols. Furthermore, the benchmarks were done using real-world off-the-shelf hardware, which also allowed me to increase my knowledge in the practical aspects of the TCP/IP stack in Linux systems.

During the course of the thesis, I was integrated in the Internet Architectures and Networking (IAN) team of the Telecommunications and Multimedia Unit (UTM) of INESC Porto. In May 2009 I was granted a research scholarship, under the scientific advisorship of Rute Sofia, PhD, and this is where I currently am. This position allowed me to work on the ReCoop (Cooperative Networks) project, where I am responsible for the development of an OpenWRT based router for expanding Internet services, as well as implementing advanced functionality such as wireless and bandwidth resource management, policing and monitoring.